Black Friday Vape Deals in 2020 :- Save Upto 90% Now

Black Friday Vape Deals 2019

Vape Black Friday 2020 deals is almost here!

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Black Friday is the genesis of all awesome deals.

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Vaporfi Deals

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EjuiceConnect Deals



Direct Vapor

DirectVapor Deals

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Eightvape Deals

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ECBlend Vape Deals

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DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer Deals

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Central Vapors

Central Vapors Deals

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Flawless Vape Shop

Flawless Vape Shop Deals

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VaporDNA Deals

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MyFreedomSmokes Deals

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11. Deals

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12. Deals

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Lifted Technologies Inc

Lifted Technologies Deals

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eCig-City Deals

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Kind Juice

Kind Juice Deals

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Om Vapors

Om Vapors Deals

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Other Vape Black Friday Deals from the Various stores

#1 EJuice Connect Black friday deals

EJuice Connect is an Oakland-based wholesaler. They specialize in E Juice, E Liquid, E cigarettes, and all other vaping products and accessories.

Grab our One-Time-Only EJuice Connect Black Friday Coupons and Deals!

#2 EightVape Black Friday Deals

EightVape is an awesome e-shop that stocks all your favorite Vape Brands as well as vaping accessories. Plus, they have a 14-day customer warranty on their products.

Check out the amazing EightVape Black Friday Deals that we have just for you!

#3 NEwhere Deals

NEwhere features premium vapor products including E-cigarettes, E-liquid juices, and e-hookah pens. You will find all your favorite brands in both retail and wholesale basis.

Do not forget our incredible NEwhere Vape Black Friday Coupons and Deals! It’s the best price in town!

#4 eJuices Black Friday Deals

eJuices goes above and beyond to fulfil the desires of their clients. From unbelievable deals to free shipping and the works. Browze their comprehensive list of product categories including the Blitz, Featured Products, New Products, Starter Products, E-Juice, Hardware, Coils and Alternative Products.

For such a comprehensive product list, you will not believe the kind of deals on offer.

Grab our unbelievable eJuices Vape Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals Now! Offer is valid for only a little while!

#5 VaporDNA Black Friday Deals

VaporDNA is a famous online vape store selling a wide array of vaping products and accessories. You can shop for e-juices, devices, tanks, rebuildables, accessories, and CBD products. 

Find your very own VaporDNA Vape Black Friday Coupon Code Today! Offer ending soon!

#6 MyFreedomSmokes Deals

MyFreedomSmokes attests to being a vape store run by vapers for vapers. In addition to carrying all the top brands of e-cigs and e-liquids, MyFreedomSmokes also features weekly products and a wealth of how-to videos.

Grab your MyFreedomSmokes Vape Black Friday Deals and Coupons Now! You do not want to regret later after the deal is gone.

#7 VaporFi Black friday deals

VaporFi is a renowned e-liquid e-store with stellar reputation. You can find e-liquids, kits and mods, CBD products, as well as vaping accessories.

Get your VaporFi Vape Black Friday Promo Codes and Deals here! We have got you covered!

#8 Vape sourcing deals

Vista Vapors boasts as one of the leading vape e-stores with unbelievably low prices. Further, at Vista Vapors, you can Mix Your Own e-juice. This is an awesome feature that puts you in control of your flavours.

Hurry and Grab your very own Vista Vapors Black Friday Vape Deal

#9 EJuice.Deals Black Friday Deals

This incredible e-store offers all the premium e-liquids and salt nicotine brands. Additionally, you can shop for kits, accessories, hardware, and Pod Systems.

Have a look at these Ejuice.Deals Vape Black Friday Promo Codes and Deals! It is the best deal in town!

#10 VapeDeal Black Friday

Go to VapeDeal for all your e-liquids, hardware, rebuildables, and vaping accessories needs! VapeDeal also stocks tanks, mods, starter kits, replacement coils, and batteries.

Save on all your e-liquid purchases by grabbing our limited VapeDeal Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals this instant!

#11 ECBlend Deals

ECBlends focuses on premium artisan flavours-the widest array of choices we have seen in a while. You can create your own flavour or choose from the long list ECBlend carries. 

They include creamy, coffee and tea, fruity, floral, drink, mints and menthols, and seasonal flavors among others.

See our incredible ECBlend Vape Black Friday Promo Codes and Deals today! It is the hottest deal ever!

#12 DaVinci Vaporizers

Davinci vaporizers beckon you to experience the art of flavour. They claim to have the world’s most advanced portable vaporizers. In addition to vaporizers, you will find accessories as well as apparel.

Rush Today and grab your Davinci Vape Black Friday Deal right now!

#13 eCig-City Deals

eCig-City sells all your favorite vaping products including pod systems, starter kits, all e-juice brands, and squonking mods. As we speak, eCig-City is offering incredible deals.

Stock up on your all-time favourite Vaping Products. Use our kick-ass eCig-City Vape Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals Now! 

#14 Flawless Vape Shop Deals

Flawless Vape Shop sells a wide variety of e-juices, hardware, mods, accessories, and salt nicotine. Further, they stock their own brand of Flawless juices and Flawless mods.

Save big by using our Flawless Vape Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals!

#15 Kai’s Virgin Vapor black friday deals

Kai’s Virgin Vapor endeavours to provide only organic flavourings in their e-liquid. Also, if you are seeking to slay the dragon {quit smoking} then you are at the right place.

Don’t forget to check our Kai’s Virgin Vapor Black Friday Deals immediately. Limited Coupons available.

#16 Lifted Technologies [Namaste Vaporizers] Deals

Lifted Technologies is the perfect place to get your vaporizer needs met. They have gone further to divide their products into recreational, medicinal, and athletic use.

Check out our Lifted Vape Black Friday Promo Codes and Deals. There’s nothing better.

#17 Fuggin Vapor Deals

Fuggin Vapors always has something going on. Shop for your e-liquids, vaporizers, grinders, accessories, and bongs from their selective array of choices.

Meanwhile, Check Out our Fuggin Vapor Black Friday Promo Codes and Deals now!

#18 Kind Juice Black Friday Deals

Kind Juice is an award-winning e-store selling all kinds of vaping products. They insist on all-natural VG products to prevent the harmful effects of pesticides.

Find our amazing Kind Juice Vape Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals!

#19 Direct CBD Online black friday Deals

Direct CBD online is a one-stop shop for all your CBD related products. You will find all the premium brands under Direct CBD Online as well as amazing deals.

Grab our Direct CBD Online Black Friday Deals and Coupons!

#20 The Vape Mill Deals

Vape Mall stocks all the top-shelf Vaping Products as well as their own premium, low-price brand. You will find e-liquids, DIY, mods, kits, tanks, and accessories among others.

Meanwhile, discover our amazing Vape Mill Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes.

#21 Om Vapes

Om Vapes operates on the motto of letting you “breathe easy”. This is why they only use 100% hand-picked flavourings from Europe. Also, they say by cutting the middlemen, now this premium e-juice can reach the customer at the lowest prices.

Pick up your Om Vapes Black Friday Coupon Codes for the lowest prices ever!

#22 Green Wellness Life

Green Wellness Life is all about CBD and their various delivery methods. Purchase your CBD e-liquid, capsules, topicals, raw oil extract, tinctures, and edibles.

For the best prices, Check out the Green Wellness Life Promo Codes and Deals!

#23 Zample Box

Zample Box is more of a vaper membership club than an e-store. You can sign-up for free monthly deliveries as well as discover a new vape flavour every month.

Grab your Zample Box Vape Black Friday Coupons and Deals today!

#24 Arise BioScience

Arise Bioscience is focused on hemp-derived products in the face of the recent legalization. Choose from their variety of health and wellness products all hemp-based.

Afterwards, pick up your Arise Bioscience Black Friday Promo Codes and Coupons!

#25 Vape Vandal

Vape Vandals stocks e-liquids, hardware, IQOs, sheesha and hookah pens and so on. Vape Vandal is based in Malaysia.

Buy now to enjoy our amazing Vape Vandal Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals!

#26 Quanta CBD

Quanta CBD is all about CBD products to relieve muscle pain. Their products are referred to as Muscle Rub

Get your Quanta CBD Black Friday Coupon Code and Promo Code Now!

#27 Buitrago Cigars

This company features a wide array of products including premium Ashton Cigars, Hemp rolling papers, and all natural clippered cigarillos.

Grab your Buitrago Cigars Black Friday Promo Codes to dive into this delicious world head-first.

#28 Innokin Technology

Innokin Technology is a leader in the sale of vaping products. You can find e-cigs, e-juice, pods, tanks, and kits among others.

Pay Less by using our Innokin Technology vape black friday Deal!

#29 Swell CBD

Swell CBD is yet another e-store dealing in CBD products. You will find all manner of CBD products including pet health care, tinctures, skincare, soft gels, and confections among others.

Save today with our Swell CBD Black Friday Coupon Codes and Promo Codes! 

#30 Canna Trading

Canna Trading are proprietors of premium CBD products. You can purchase tinctures, CBD Vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, CBD capsules, and topicals.

Check out our incredible Canna Trading Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals today! You don’t want to miss out!

#31 Savage Enterprises

Savage Enterprises call themselves “trend setters”. They deal in vaping products including e-liquid and vaping accessories among others. Also, there are select CBD products.

Grab your very own Savage Enterprises Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals Now!

We promised you an explosive list of the top vape stores and there you have it. Please let us know your experiences and thoughts regarding this breakdown.

What is Vape?

what is vape

Just in case you are a greenhorn, a vape is a battery-powered electronic Cigarette. There are lots of names for e-cigarettes.

These include Vape Pens, ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), vaporizers, e- Cigars, e-hookah, mod systems, pod systems, and vaping devices among others.Just in case you are a greenhorn, a vape is a battery-powered electronic Cigarette.

There are lots of names for e-cigarettes. These include vape Pens, ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), vaporizers, e- cigars, e-hookah, mod systems, pod systems, and vaping devices among others.

A vape takes up some characteristics of a typical cigarette. The main the difference is that it does not contain tobacco. With vaping, you inhale a chemical called aerosol, also known as vapor. Upon exhaling, you get clouds of smoke.

Not all e-cigarettes resemble an actual cigarette. With the latest models, you couldn’t even tell if it is an e-cigar.

For, instance, the latest vaping device dubbed, the JUUL looks very much like a flash drive.

Jaw drop!

How cool is that!

Most people think its cool as well. This is why the JUUL became an instant sensation, especially among young people.

How Does a Vape Work?

How Does a Vape Work?

A simple vaping device comprises of a battery, the vapor compartment, the e-liquid cartridge, and a mouthpiece.

Just to clarify, the e-liquid, also known as vape juice, is the liquid flavor that produces aerosol.

With that said, let us proceed. Upon activation, the battery heats up the e-liquid. Next, the e-liquid turns into aerosol.

Then, the vaper inhales the aerosol, exhales vape smoke and begins the cycle again.

Most e-cigarettes activate by the act of inhalation. Others have a button that you can turn on.

E-liquid comes in different flavors and intensity. And by intensity, we mean the nicotine level.

In fact, some vape juices don’t contain any nicotine. Popular vape juices include Jolly Rancher, Cookies Brownies, Ice Cream Flavors, Ketchup and Mint.

These are just a few mentions. To improve your vaping experience, there are new filtration devices in the market. Much as you love your billows of smoke, not everyone does. And we all live in a society, right?

So, consider picking up a filtration device that dissipates all your e- cigarette smoke. All you have to do is exhale into it.

How To Choose The Best E-Liquid

As earlier stated, choosing vape juice is largely a matter of preference.

However, as a newbie, most of the jargon may be confusing.

Before getting down to the choices, these are a few points to keep in mind.

One, determine whether you want to go flavor over strength or vice versa. If you are a flavor geek, it can be quite fun experimenting with different characters to find your favorite.

You can even mix different flavors to come up with your own special combo. Two, are you a cloud chaser? If you are, then you need a vape juice blend that supports that.

Three, are you a nicotine buff? 

If all you want is a good high, seek out e- liquids with that extra kick. It would be tragic to end up with a non-nicotine vape juice just because you didn’t know which e-liquid to buy, right?

Types of E-Liquids

All vape juices basically contain 2 main compounds; Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

#1 Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is non-toxic. It is used as a flavoring carrier in food products. Also, it’s an additive in various medical drugs. Sometime PG is combined with VG to create a smoother consistency. This is because pure PG can be a little harsh.

#2 Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin, just like PG, is non-toxic. Basically, VG is a thick vegetable-based liquid. Pure VG comes in thick and bulky. This is why sometimes VG is combined with PG to make it easier to vape.

 Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) make up about 95% of the e-liquid. The other 5% is flavorings and nicotine. Of course, in some cases, the nicotine is missing altogether.

Depending on your preference, you can have more or less of any of these two compounds. Here are the different scenarios and their results.

  • If you want loads of clouds use a high VG e-liquid. VG is quite dense so it may be a little difficult to inhale. But it has the grandest clouds.
  • On the contrary, if you want less smoke, use a high PG e-liquid. This is also the perfect e-liquid ratio to get that extra nicotine kick.
  • High VG e-liquids have intense flavor and a smooth vaping experience.

Vaping or Smoking :-  Which is Better?

Vaping or Smoking

Numerous researchers concluded that cigarettes are way more harmful to you than vaporizers.

In fact, all ingredients contained in the vape juice are verified as safe to consume.

And while we cannot in good conscience down play the effects of vaping, you can take precautions and vape responsibly.

Most chain smokers migrate to vaping to aid with the quitting process. There is only one known ingredient that is toxic in an e-liquid, and that is the nicotine. 

So, make sure to take the lowest dosage. As mentioned earlier, vaping is less dangerous health-wise.

It bypasses many of the health risks associated with tobacco smoking.

Additionally, vaping has other advantages including the lack of noxious odors. Moreover, you can control the nicotine intake, control vapor output, and choose a flavor for every palate.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy A Vape?

In many countries, vaping is regulated either as a tobacco product or as a stand-alone consumer product.

As is, 40 states banned the use of vape. In states where vape is regulated, the legal age to buy e-cigarettes is the age of majority.

This simply means the age at which citizens are considered adults. In most countries the legal age eighteen years.

Wrapping Up

This Black Friday vape deals enjoy your mod like a champ.

Grab our incredible deals and stock up for the foreseeable future. If you have any thoughts of opinions, please feel free to share in the comment section.