32+ Best Black Friday Vape Deals in 2020:- {Save Upto 90% Now}

Vape Black Friday 2020 deals is almost here!

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Black Friday Vape Deals 2019

List of Best Black Friday Vape Deals 2020



Current Deals




Vaporfi Black Friday Deal

25% off sitewide



EjuiceConnect Deals

25% off sitewide


Direct Vapor

DirectVapor Deals

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Eightvape Deals

Buy 2 Juice Get 1 Frees


DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer Deals

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Central Vapors

Central Vapors Deals

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Flawless Vape Shop

Flawless Vape Shop Deals

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VaporDNA Deals




MyFreedomSmokes Deals

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eJuices.com Deals

50% off Vape Disposables



eliquid.com Deals

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Lifted Technologies Inc

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eCig-City Deals

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Kind Juice

Kind Juice Deals

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Detailed Vape Black Friday Deals 2020

20% Off

1. Vaporfi Black Friday Vape Deals

VaporFi is a renowned manufacturer of vaping mods and all kinds of electronic cigarettes based in Miami, FL. All of VaporFi vapes are manufactured in the US.

According to the website, VaporFi makes vapes for both non-smokers and experienced smokers alike. 

VaporFi offers vapes in over 1000 different flavours.

And while you may find the basic tobacco flavour and mint, the majority of their vapes feature quirky flavours like apple pie, Havana beach, mist, hazelnut, coconut and so on.

So, if you are a newbie looking to get started, VaporFi is the best place to start.

VaporFi Features


As earlier stated, all of VaporFi products are produced in USA. Plus, they are tested by third-party lab facilities to make sure that the quality is beyond reproach.

According to the VaporFi website, they only use the purest available levorotatory nicotine or l-nicotine, the most physiologically active form of nicotine.


All of VaporFi products maintain THC levels of below 0.3%. Additionally, Vaporfi insists that all their products are Diacetyl-Free and Acetyl Propionyl-Free.

Top-Rated Ingredients/ Kosher Grade

Instead of using just any source of Glycerin, VaporFi is a stickler for quality. So, they only use Glycerine from Soybean and only the premium quality. This way, any customers who have peanut allergy can relax.

Further, VaporFi E-Liquid base consists of USP Kosher Grade ingredients.

High Operation Grades

VaporFi adheres to all the strict cGMP operation standards, in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines. Their bottles are child-proof for extra safety and every bottle comes with a Lot Number for easy tracing.

In spite of all the safety features, you are still advised to keep your vaping bottles out of reach of children.

20% Off

2. EjuiceConnect Black Friday Deals

EjuiceConnect should be one of your top picks for premium E juices and E cigarettes.

Despite the name of the company, EjuiceConnect, it sells other products apart from E juices.

They are also into the sale of vaping hardware, accessories and other supplies.

However, you should note that EjuiceConnect is a distributor of the named products and not a manufacturer.

They distribute their goods throughout the USA at very reasonable prices, from wholesale purchases to individual purchases.

Ejuice Features

Limited recurring billing
EjuiceConnect has been able to reduce recurring billing. It has been able to do this by not offering any subscriptions which prevents the occurrence of recurring billing. 

Furthermore, when you place a duplicate order, it will be cancelled and the money will be refunded. which means you’ll have to place your orders individually.

Incredible customer support

The customer support offered by EJuice is incredible. This is because they believe for a business to be successful, communication between the customer and the company is very important. 

Health and safety concerns

EjuiceConnect is also aware of the health repercussions that are associated with vaping. That is why they are very strict on the use of their products by underage persons. 

Also, they make sure that the products being distributed are legally allowed to be consumed according to the medical laws concerned with the product.  

If you feel that EjuiceConnect is the company for you, remember to check out the Black Friday deals offered by EjuiceConnect.

30% Off

3. DirectVapor Black Friday Deals

DirectVapor is a retailing service that is there to deliver the best vaping supplies and accessories.

Since vaping is a growing trend, DirectVapor is making sure that it is in touch with the growth that is currently taking place.

According to the DirectVapor website, DirectVapor is all about value.

For this reason, they have secured master wholesale distribution agreements with most of the major vapor manufacturers in the world.  

This way, you can access top quality vape hardware, eliquids and all things vaping for the lowest prices possible.

DirectVapor Features


DirectVapor has been in the game since the emergence of this industry. Consequently, they are very experienced and have become a game changer in the industry keeping up with the emerging trends, technology and accessories that take over the market. 

High-quality products

DirectVapor is also in touch with the best vapor manufacturers. This is a guarantee that you will be receiving the best products. 

Cheap prices

DirectVapor is also a very cheap option. This is because it purchases their products at cheaper prices from major manufacturers, which means that the savings can be passed on to the customers. Plus, they offer free shipping for any orders above $30. How about that!

Customer service and support

Furthermore, apart from receiving products from the best manufacturers at reasonable prices, DirectVapor also makes sure that vaping consumers receive their products with the best service and support.

This is why they have a lowest price guarantee plus a 60-day warranty and a 15-day return policy. Their customer support is also impeccable because in the retail industry, communication is key.

If you like to purchase your products via Direct Vapor, check out their Black Friday deals. 

30% Off

4. EightVape Black Friday Deals

EightVape is an amazing vape company founded on the basis of friendship. Created by three childhood friends, EightVape seeks to make vaping about more than just consumption; the founders seek to perpetuate a spirit of togetherness as you enjoy friends and create lasting memories.

In their own words, EightVape does not only exist for the purpose of making money, but for the purpose of bringing people together through vaping. 

EightVape Features

1) Cheap Pricing

EightVape makes sure that it is in the good books of the major vapor manufacturers.

This gives them the access to the latest vaping technology, unique yet amazing accessories, and other supplies at reasonable prices.

Keeping in tune with the nurturing friendships theme, EightVape tries to keep their pricing very competitive.

2) Variety

EightVape has it all in the vaping industry, from electronic cigarettes to salt nics, e liquids, vape juices and numerous other accessories.

Additionally, they stock products from leading manufacturers including SMOK, Wismec, iJoy, Uwell, Geekvape, and many more.

These invaluable relationships with the best manufacturing companies means you will always access top quality products from the EightVape website.

3) Good customer service

EightVape has established a very capable customer support system that enables you to share your different needs and tastes with them.

EightVape gives a 14-day customer warranty. Do not forget to check out the amazing Black Friday deals that are in store for you.


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